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Initial Consultation

The first step would be for you to get in touch with us; please feel free to call us, send us an email or fill out our online form. We will then make an appointment with you so we can discuss your ideas and requirements, take a look at your garden and show you our portfolio. This first appointment is free of charge and will generally last around an hour.

Confirm Requirements

We will send you a brief which will include a confirmation of all your requirements and a full breakdown of our costs for designing your garden. Once you’re happy to go ahead we will send you a contract to be signed.

Survey Drawing Revised without scale 3.j

Survey and Site Analysis

We will carry out a comprehensive survey and site analysis which will involve taking detailed measurements of your garden, recording any changes of level as well as the position of trees, shrubs and any significant structures. We will also assess a number of other factors such as the aspect, soil and the location of neighbouring buildings plus take a complete series of photos for reference purposes. For very large or complex sites, a full topographical survey may be required; this will be sub-contracted to a specialist surveyor.

Contemporary Town Garden - Presentation

Design Consultation

At this point we will discuss the project in more depth to consider exactly how you would like to use the space and if there are any particular elements you would like to include in the design. We will also look at potential materials, colour combinations and planting preferences. If you’ve collected any pictures of specific plants, finishes, garden features or styles, this will be extremely useful and give us a greater insight into your personal vision of the garden.

Concept Plan

We will prepare a scaled sketch plan which will highlight the various functional zones, the flow within the garden and the position of all the essential elements. This will be accompanied by a custom mood board to communicate the overall look and feel as well as the colour scheme, materials and individual features. After discussing the above, we will take note of your feedback and make alterations if necessary.

Presentation Plan

Once you’ve approved the concept plan, we will draw up the final presentation plan using CAD software. We can include a detailed list of accurate specifications and can prepare construction drawings if these are required.

Garden Build

We can recommend a landscaper to build the garden or if you prefer you can appoint your own contractor. We will then forward the presentation plan and specifications to them and obtain quotes on your behalf. We are happy to carry out site visits to oversee the work or you may choose to project manage at this stage. We can also liaise with specialist irrigation and lighting installation experts as needed.

Planting Plan

A planting plan and a plant schedule will be prepared giving details of all the plants that will be installed in the garden together with the quantities and spacing. Plants will be carefully chosen in accordance with your preferred theme and colour scheme, to suit the garden’s aspect and soil and to provide year round interest. Once you have signed this plan off, we will source the plants from a number of specialist plant nurseries, prepare the soil and then proceed with the setting out and planting.


We can provide you with clear and concise maintenance instructions to help you take care of the plants. We will also arrange follow up visits to check everything is progressing according to plan and to plant bulbs if necessary. We are always on hand to come back and review the planting as it develops over the years. And if you require garden styling, we can provide this service as well.

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